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6 mobile games to play while waiting for Halo Infinite

While we wait for more details to develop, here is a list of mobile games that will keep your trigger-fingers itchy in the meantime.


halo infinite

We’ve said before that mobile gaming is definitely the future, and this roundup list of mobile games to play while waiting for Halo Infinite will only further prove our point.

The Halo series was originally developed for Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms, but Microsoft simply cannot ignore the massively growing shooter market on mobile platforms, and so there are plenty of rumours regarding a possible port of Halo Infinite to mobile devices once its been officially released.

While we wait for more details to develop, here is a list of mobile games that will keep your trigger-fingers itchy in the meantime.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The mobile port of Call of Duty does a fantastic job of bringing the series to mobile devices. The action is intense, with tons of upgrades to unlock for your weapons, and camouflages to unlock for your outfit.

Gameplay is exactly like its console and PC counterparts, with kill streaks granting perks such as UAV missiles. If you connect external devices such as a gamepad, or play on a PC emulator, the game will detect that and match you against other gamepad users, balancing the gameplay for touchscreen users.

If your device is low on hardware specs, or you want a fast-paced arena FPS you can pick up and play without any AAA studio shenanigans, Krunker .io is the perfect game for you. It plays similarly to old school deathmatch games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, but with voxel graphics like Minecraft.

It’s basically Counterstrike meets Minecraft and can be played in a web browser or your mobile device, with a rather large community so it’s always easy to find matches. For more browser games that run on mobile devices, you can find and play io games on CrazyGames.

Dead Effect 2

If you enjoy the sci-fi atmosphere of Halo, but want a nicely polished zombie shooter game on top of it, Dead Effect 2 is surely worth checking out. There are several single player and cooperative game modes available, including a storyline campaign, PvP deathmatch, and arena survival against waves of enemies.

Dead Effect 2 also includes RPG elements, allowing you to upgrade your character and invest in different skills. You’ll test your abilities against zombies, cyborgs, mutant cannibals, mechanical dogs, and more.


A competitive multiplayer third-person shooter, Afterpulse has won several awards, such as the Editor’s Choice award on the Apple platform. The gameplay is similar to arena-based first-person shooters, but presented in third-person perspective.

You have a lot of customization options in regards to weapons and outfits, which can be combined for over 1,200 results. This means that creating a unique-looking character is accomplished fairly easily. You’ll be thrown into large free-for-all battles until you’re the last player standing, or join a clan and participate in team battles.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A was heavily influenced by Halo during its development, and may be the best choice if you’re itching for a sci-fi shooter that mirrors Halo in many ways.

As reviews like on Gameloft point out, enemy, level, and even vehicle design are all fairly reminiscent of Halo, but while it’d be easy to dismiss N.O.V.A as a Halo copycat, it does bring some unique game elements to the table, such as being able to craft and upgrade your weapons by collecting cards throughout gameplay.

Game modes include a single player campaign, and several multiplayer modes such as deathmatch and team deathmatch.

XCOM®: Enemy Within

This is the only non-shooter on our list, but it’s well worth playing. The XCOM series goes back to 1994, and XCOM: Enemy Within is a 2012 series reboot offering strategic turn-based gameplay. The game is known for its tough challenges, and provides plenty of replay value as you try to find the optimal strategies to complete a level.

Originally released for PC and consoles, the mobile version of XCOM: Enemy Within doesn’t stray too far from those platforms in terms of graphics, and the touchscreen controls are easy to adapt.


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