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5 effective ways to track someone's iPhone

How to track someone’s iPhone in a very easy way. It is the ultimate solution, you are not dreaming in the easiest way possible.


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We, humans, are very curious. Have you ever thought about your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse what they might be doing when you are not around? Yeah we know we do think about it. There are a lot of online marauders who are in search of their prey. It's hard to keep an eye on your children in this era of the internet and advanced technology.

What if we tell you one? Most trusted way? Yes, this guide will lead you to that amazing journey. I'll guide you on how to track someone’s iPhone in a very easy way. It is the ultimate solution, you are not dreaming in the easiest way possible.

1. Spyic

Spyic - A secret magic wand used by billions of users

Well, this is really a magical app. Spyic is the answer to all my questions. And we know the question popping in your mind “what actually Spyic is? Hold on, you can track an iphone , I'll explain each and every bit of it. Spyic is basically a monitoring tool that will give you easy and quick access to the targeted device. You will be able to access the call history, location of the targeted device, chat history and browsing history.

spyic - spy solution

You can track iPhone secretly:

Spyic will assist you to track an iPhone secretly. The other person will never ever get know about it until and unless you disclose this secret, and signup with spyic, all is possible because of the smart technology of spyic. There is no need to install apps on target phones if they are using an iPhone. You can track the device through your web browser. In this way, the user will never ever get to know that he is being tracked.

Spyic is the most trusted app because of its amazing features as you don’t require any root or jailbreak whereas all other apps require it. So you don't need to touch the target iPhone and your job will be done smartly by using Spyic. That's why we trust spyic.

What Is Spyic Doing For You?

Alright, no one liner is the answer to this address. There's a divide to Spyic thought to say. We couldn't undoubtedly flash to start with to see the sum of surveillance highlights that were on my browser window. It almost gives you certification for your iPhone goal on the overall parcel.

  • Location Access

It could be the foremost critical thing we are seeking out for. Spyic will supply you with the right of passage to the iPhone objective range. Not best this, it'll too appear to you the areas these days gone according to the data.

  • Geo Fencing

Spyic makes a difference in setting subsurface requirements all from your iPhone target's position. When the man or lady enters these zones ' borders, you're taking precautions to get a warning. This is particularly useful in maintaining melody at your children's destinations.

  • Keylogger

Usually my best part of Spyic is mine. It holds music of all the keystrokes which the individual can create. This incorporates the chat messages he sends, his passwords for logging into computers, and he routinely looks over his phone.

  • Appear social media

This technique helps you to cowl up the profiles of the person's professionals on social media. Your notion that you were keeping an eye on the A-Z figures to apply social media for its benefit. It consists of the individuals they refer to, to whom they speak, and all the places they visit.

  • Web records show

This includes giving you a passage to the surfing records for the target. You will also force rules on other websites, in order that the target individual can not get affirmation to them.

  • Utility display

It is a posting of all of the applications which can be introduced at the computer. You'll select which programs to require, and which programs to constrain.

How can we track iPhone without even letting them know:

Tracking iPhone with Spyic is as easy as imagining. You just need to follow these step and you will be landed in Spyic universe.

Step 1: Sign up with spyic will take only a few min and you will be soon enjoying the best ride of the apps world and trust me you will not regret don’t forget to thank me later.

spyic website - signup

Step 2: After selecting a device type to choose a pricing plan. we would suggest you people go for a long term plan as it saves time and you get rid of monthly renewal.

Step 3: Provide necessary information by following some basic instructions on the setup wizard.

spyic - installation completed

Step 4: You just need to verify the iCloud credentials of the target device and the system will take only two to three mins for it.

Step 5: Select the device for data backup. You need to wait for a few mins so the system will download the data.

spyic - demo

2. Cocospy

Cocospy is another awesome service. One of my old friends told me about its amazing features. we was really surprised as we did not know about it before
It has magical features for tracking iPhone.


Cocospy is a fantastic iPhone location tracker that includes some outstanding features that not only track the location but also give you access to messages, calls and social media accounts of the target device without letting them know about it.

3. Spyier

Spyier is one of the most effective apps to keep track of or to keep an eye on someone very dear to you. It provides real quality service that is impossible to find in other apps that claim the same. It is a user -friendly and trusted app worldwide.


Spyier offers a variety of services that will lead you to the new incredible and trusted world. It not only keeps the track of your kids and loved ones but also gives you a secure and protective way possible. Unlike other apps, you don't need to jailbreak and root the device.

4. Minspy

Minspy is an incredible app. It is the most downloaded app by millions of users. If you are thinking of something less complicated and easier then Minspy is your go to-go option. It's something that is more reliable and less fussy.

You can get the easy and fastest access to calls, messages, and browser history of target mobile. Along with access to these, you can also track the location of the target device without letting them know about it.


5. Spyine

If you are wondering how to keep an eye on your kids in this age of lethal technology of the internet then spyine is the best option you can avail without any hesitation.

It is cheaper than other apps, client-friendly and the most secure one.

Spyine gives you an ultimate fastest and quick access to the target phone, its location, social media accounts and current location with the timestamp. In the end all you will get is the most reliable app without having a doubt or suspicion.


This guide must have helped all of you who are really willing to try an application for spying someone. All the applications are best to rely upon. For me, spyic is an extraordinary application. It is used by millions of clients with the most trusted feedback rest is up to you.


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