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5 best tablets for gaming

Considering the listed specifics, today, it is possible to highlight the following five tablets, which are recognized as the most prominent propositions on the market.


a person playing a game on a tablet

Any experienced gamer will say you with confidence how important the properly selected gadget is for gaming. At first glance, it seems that every working gadget is appropriate for gaming activity. However, the gaming quality and opportunities to develop as a gamer depend on the features of the chosen apparatus.

There is a list of features that you need to pay attention to when selecting a gaming apparatus.

  • Battery power
  • Operating system
  • Tools for connections
  • Available storage and extension
  • Resolution scale
  • Size (device thickness and display diagonal)
  • Extra functions

Considering the listed specifics, today, it is possible to highlight the following five options, which are recognized as the most prominent propositions on the market:

  1. 9.7-inch iPad Pro

    For many years, the iPad has been the absolute market leader, and it is not going to give up its position. The main benefits of the device are its high-class hardware and the well-thought-out design. Gamers highly appreciate the highly efficient CPU and the high update rate screen. Storage of the apparatus is 64/256/512GB, RAM is 4GB, and offered charger capacity is 8,827 mAh.

  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

    It is one more apparatus perfect for entertaining, which is included in every list of market-leading tablets. The device is especially popular among those users who do not want to be tied to iOS restrictions. Main specifications: accumulator offers 7,040mAh, the available storage volume is 128GB / 256GB, and RAM could be 6GB or 8GB.

  3. iPad Mini 5

    The main advantage of this gadget is its unique size. The mini-tablet is bigger than your smartphone and smaller than a standard tablet, so you can carry it with you any time you need. The size of the device allows users to carry it in a pocket or small bag. In addition, the device offers great hardware, which makes all games a breeze. Offered storage is 64/128GB, RAM – 3GB, and accumulator capacity – 5,124mAh.

  4. Microsoft Surface Pro

    It could be surprising for many, but it is possible to play on gadgets with the installed Windows system. The tablet allows you to enjoy PC games by streaming them on the Microsoft gadget. Of course, high-grade frame rates are not always available, but you can try less energy-demanding rounds at standard frame rates. Provided RAM is 4, 8, or 16GB, storage of the apparatus – 128/256/512GB or 1TB, and accumulator capacity – up to 13,5 hours.

  5. Asus ZenPad 3S 10

    The device was designed by a respectable developer on the gaming market. So, the gadget offers a high comfort level for gaming. Though it is not so powerful as previous models, it is still appropriate for active gaming. Offered storage is 32/64GB, RAM – 4GB, and battery – up to 10 hours.

High-quality gaming tablets belong to the category of quite expensive equipment. So, sometimes, gamers need to save money for the purchase for a while. If you cannot afford a tablet right now but do not want to wait, Payday Depot is always ready to help. What is the point to delay the long-awaited purchase if you can start trying out a new gadget as soon as possible?


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