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5 best smartphone accessories you need for your mobile device

What are the best smartphone accessories for your needs? There are some terrific accessories to make using your device easier whether at home or when out and about.


Experts predict approximately 1.43 billion smartphone units will be shipped in 2022.

This astonishing figure shows there is massive consumer demand for these devices, and of course, vendors are keen to increase their revenues by selling other items to help customers make the most of their smartphones.

But, what are the best smartphone accessories for your needs? While you won't want to carry too many products in your pockets, it can be helpful to bring along some excellent add-ons to enhance your smartphone experience.

Read on to learn about some of the top smartphone accessories.

1. Smartphone Case

a bear phone case

One of the most vital accessories for your mobile phone is a protective case that reduces the risk of damage should you drop your device.

It's also a good idea to pair a smartphone case with a tempered glass cover to safeguard your screen.

2. Selfie Stick

a boy with a selfie stick on his phone

Taking photos is a popular activity amongst smartphone users, and having a selfie stick available can make it easier to capture the moment.

While you probably won't want to carry a selfie stick with you at all times, it can be handy when you know you're likely to take photos at a specific point in the day.

3. Wireless Smartphone Charger

If you'd like a straightforward alternative to plugging in your smartphone when the battery runs low, you could purchase a wireless charger. You can simply walk into a room, set your ZTE Axon 30 UDC on top of the charger, and pick your phone up again when it's ready for use.

4. Dashboard and Windshield Mount

One of the best mobile phone accessories from a user-safety point of view is a dashboard and windshield mount.

Many people use the maps on their smartphones to find destinations, and it is dangerous to look down at your device when driving.

But, by using a plastic mount to keep your screen at eye level, you could reduce the risk of having a car accident.

5. Wireless Earbuds

zte livebuds

If you're on the lookout for trendy smartphone accessories, wireless earbuds look great and are a practical addition when listening to music.

You won't get tangled in wires when running, and the small design means you don't need much spare room in your pocket to carry the earbuds.

Choose Your Favorite Smartphone Accessories

There are some terrific smartphone accessories to make using your device easier whether at home or when out and about.

Using a smartphone case can be vital to protect your gadget, while a wireless charger provides the ultimate convenience.

A dashboard and windshield mount can also make it much safer should you need to look at your phone when driving.

While you may not need all of these accessories, you may find using one or two items could simplify the process of using your smartphone throughout the day.

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