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5 advanced features for Android 10

They not only make life easier, but also safeguard your privacy. From the many great features it has, we focused on 5 of the best.


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Android 10 came with a myriad of useful features. They not only make life easier, but also safeguard your privacy. From the many great features it has, we focused on 5 of the best. Read ahead.

Dark Theme

One of the best things about Android 10 is that it comes with dark mode. It completely changes your UI to black. It’s easy on the eyes, but more importantly, saves your battery.

Your handset may be OLED. The screen on this is super vibrant. However, it will also suck up battery life faster. The darker hue doesn’t tax it as much.

Depending on the handset you own, enabling it is as easy as heading to your quick settings. This will automatically switch on in battery saving mode.

Focus Mode

Do you get distracted easily? You’re probably not doing classwork on your phone, but you could be doing other things on your tab when you need to be studying. If it runs Android 10, you can get access to Focus Mode. This was released in its beta version with the OS.

It restricts the apps you have access to. It also tracks how long you’ve been on the mode. This will help you find out how productive you have been. It’s probably one of the most talked-about features of the new update.

Location Permissions

You’re probably aware that certain apps share your data with third parties. They access permissions they don’t need, and sell the gathered information. This may be why you keep receiving oddly specific ads.

Android and Apple have tried their best to limit this. Android now gives you more control over your location permissions. You can allow apps to only access them when they’re in use. More importantly, you’ll get notifications whenever an application tries to do so. This will let you know whether they’re trying to get hold of data when they’re not supposed to.

The control of location permissions improves privacy. However, Android took it a step further. You can now opt-out of ad retargeting too.

App Updates

When an app has to update, your whole device will be rebooted. The new system introduces Google’s Project Mainline. Security and privacy patches will be directly sent through the Play Store. Apps will update while running in the background and will load when your phone reboots.

Volume Settings

This new update isn’t the most advanced, however, it’s very convenient. Android 10 lets you change sound settings individually. When you press your volume rockers, sliders will appear for whatever you want to adjust – ringtone, alarm, media, and more. Due to its convenience, it’s another popular update.

Incognito Google Maps

The update gave Google Maps a private search function that prevents data on the location you searched for from being sent back to your Google account.

You can enable it by tapping the profile picture in the search bar. When the data isn’t sent back to your account, trackers won’t know where you’ve been, and information on your whereabouts would be hidden from advertisers.

5G Capability

Many people would say that 5G is officially here. It’s set to completely get rid of lag. Not only would streaming content be smoother, but video-calls will be in real-time too. Google has issued several 5G compatibilities and APIs to let developers create 5G focused software.

Parental Controls

Many children these days use mobiles. But as a parent, you’re probably not too happy with your kid having one. Well, the new system lets you monitor and restrict their handsets, so you’ll be able to set limits for how long they can use their phones. The feature is not new, though. It was previously available through the Family Link app but it’s now built into the OS.

Final Thoughts

The new Android update took the world by storm. Many users awaited its arrival as it made the OS more customizable than ever. The system not only comes with great features, but it looks good too. From all the aspects we discussed, the improved privacy features are the most impressive.

As you know, apps are known to steal data, and Android has been trying to deal with the issue. The restriction on location permissions helps with this, and you’ll be notified whenever a third party tries to access it.

Of course, focus mode and parental controls are appreciated too. Android will help you stay more productive, and also safeguard your child’s privacy online.



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