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4 reasons why vivo Y20i is your budget-friendly smartphone

What makes vivo Y20i the best budget-friendly smartphone? Here are the top four reasons.


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One of the factors that you need to consider when buying a new phone is its price. Gone are the days wherein only high-end phones have the latest innovation and technology. With vivo’s Y20i, you can get the most advanced features and specifications without it hurting your wallet.

What makes vivo Y20i the best budget-friendly smartphone? Here are the top four reasons:

4 Reasons why vivo Y20i is Your Budget-Friendly Smartphone

The vivo Y20i is the latest addition to the family of Y-series. It is seen to be a better and upgraded version of vivo’s Y11. With an affordable price, how can vivo Y20i’s features justify its cost? Here are four reasons to get vivo Y20i.

1. Price is only at ₱7,499 or under $160

The vivo Y20i only retails for ₱7,499 or $160. At this price, you get a decent smartphone with a unique design, a 6.51-inch display, dual-camera setup, a wide selection of camera features and effects, and a massive amount of battery that can last almost a day. The vivo Y20i is a catch considering its price point.

2. Long battery lifespan

The vivo Y20i comes with a 5,000 mAh battery. Its huge amount of battery is partnered with an 18W fast charging. This can last from one to two days with moderate usage like sending messages, taking calls, or watching your favorite shows. Imagine, a day can pass by without you having to charge your phone? How good is that! Meanwhile, you can power it up within just two hours of charging. With vivo Y20i, you are always on the go.

3. High RAM and big storage

You get sufficient storage with vivo Y20i. It has 4GB RAM and internal storage of 64GB which can be expandable. Aside from having large storage, the vivo Y20i is powered by MediaTek Helio P35. This improves user-experience while being power efficient, allowing you not to miss out on anything important.

4. High-quality camera features

For the cameras, the vivo Y20i sports a dual-camera setup with a 13MP camera at the rear. While for the front camera, it has an 8MP camera that can capture clear and vivid selfies. It also features an Al Dual Bokeh Camera which has a wide range of features from Face Beauty, Portrait Lights Effect, and Selfie Filters. You can now take those perfect shots with a smartphone that fits your budget.

Key Takeaways

vivo’s Y20i is considered to be an entry-level phone model with features and specifications that can match the levels of mid-range phones to even high-end ones. It is also their way to fulfill the gap found to be missing in the Y11. So far, vivo gave justice to the Y20i, especially with its processor. Overall, for a price of ₱7,499, this is a catch.


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