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3 ways on how to do an iPhone spy control in 2018

As for the present moment, there are two ways to achieve the iPhone spy goal


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An experienced user may assure anyone who goes into iPhone spy venture that it is far more complicated than the monitoring of an Android phone. The iOS platform for iPhones was designed to be stable, easy on the eye and extremely secure. This makes an iPhone not that easy target for logs collecting.

But what is great about Apple smartphone that you can easily track it remotely. Luckily, there are some monitoring solutions, both parental control and spyware, that may help you to squeeze through Apple’s security.

What you need to know about iPhone spy solutions

As long as you are reading this article, you must have faced a necessity to track someone’s smartphone. You might have spotted your child overusing Snapchat, or maybe you are worried about your partner discretely texts in WhatsApp with people you had never heard of. No matter what your reason is, you should be aware of the following in beforehand.

  • iPhone is a secure smartphone. Just imagine the device of your target may be locked with a PIN code, a fingerprint or a face recognition, so you cannot just get in and shed some light on what is going on.
  • It’s hard to install spyware on it. Being an iPhone user yourself, you must have noticed that you cannot just install an app on it unless it comes from AppStore. Apple device holders cannot even download a file from the Internet to local storage. A special procedure called Jailbreak is required in this case.
  • Jailbreak is limited. It lifts all the restrictions Apple puts on their devices, but you can jailbreak only iOS versions 7.1.2-9.1. Current iPhone 8 and iPhone X run iOS 11.4 that cannot be jailbroken.
  • You may use Apple ID credentials of your targeted person to spy on the iPhone. In this case, the jailbreak is not required, but you depend on iCloud backup to grab someone’s data from it.

What is iPhone Spy App?

The first way of monitoring is through jailbreak that allows to install the app to track the iPhone. You need the following to accomplish this:

  • Apple ID credentials to disable Find my iPhone feature;
  • Mac/Windows computer;
  • USB cord;
  • 30 minutes of time.

The good news is that jailbreaking software comes for free and it’s fully automated. All you need is to install it on your computer and plug in the targeted device with USB cable. After jailbreak is done you can easily install the iPhone spy app to it.


1. Does jailbreak void a warranty?
A: Yes, it does. Still, you can always do a factory reset. This brings a device into factory state, and the warranty is restored this way.

2. Is it visible to a targeted person if the phone is jailbroken? Any icons or something like that?
A: A jailbroken iPhone looks identically as not jailbroken one. Both icons for Cydia (an alternative AppStore) and for spy app can be hidden. The monitoring is entirely undetectable.

3. Can I jailbreak iPhone 7-8(X)?
A: It all depends on the iOS version, not the model of smartphone. You can check it in Settings -> General -> About. After you discover it, go to website and look for compatible software.

Ways to Spy on an iPhone in 2018

You may discover that you cannot jailbreak a modern smartphone as Apple is always two steps ahead with iOS upgrades. As for the present moment, there are two ways to achieve the iPhone spy goal. Having someone’s Apple ID, you may go online and log into to fetch something valuable from it.

As you see nothing like logs for WhatsApp, Safari browsing or Text Messages can be found here, even if you access iCloud drive:

icloud drive

Besides, it sends an email notification to the owner of Apple ID about the login attempt.

When it comes to the list of Contacts is not something you look for, a third way called No Jailbreak iPhone Monitoring comes into place. Entirely undetectable for a target some 3rd party solutions deliver data you need to an online account with them. And the marvelous thing is that in 2018 you need no app installed for that!

No Jailbreak monitoring is provided by Spyzie, mSpy and Highster Mobile. Try it right from here and finally finish with the doubts worming you daily.


1. Do I need physical access to the target?
A: No access is required in case iCloud backup is enabled on the device. You may set the monitoring up remotely having Apple ID and password.

2. What if 2-Factor Authentication is enabled for Apple ID?
A: Parental Control services like mSpy allow you to monitor iPhone even with 2-Factor Authentication enabled.


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