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3 reasons why the mobile software developers of the gambling industry are the most innovative

The mobile software developers of the gambling industry are among the most innovative in the world



The online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing components of the entertainment sector, worth tens of billions of pounds and currently undergoing on a year-on-year growth rate of close to 10% according to On top of this, mobile gaming is also on the rise, with recent years marking a turning point in which the majority of all gaming worldwide is now played on mobile devices.

It's unsurprising that mobile online casino gaming is skyrocketing in popularity. With millions of people playing online casino games every single day, the race is on amongst the biggest companies to provide the best experience possible. This means investing in new tech and ensuring that the most innovative software is being used to create apps and games.

In this industry, only the greatest innovators rise to the top. The mobile software developers of the gambling industry are among the most innovative in the world. Here's how.

An Entire Casino Inside a Smartphone

The very structure of a mobile casino title requires much greater amounts of innovation than a standard mobile game. A game like Angry Birds or Candy Crush has very few interfaces and gaming options, taking up a very small amount of processing power and providing little by way of variety.

A mobile casino game is very different. As the mobile software provider roundup on will demonstrate, a top mobile casino app will have hundreds if not thousands of different gaming experiences on offer for their users. Rather than just one type of game, there will typically be a wide selection of slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and other games like bingo or baccarat, all in a single smartphone app or mobile-friendly website.

To pull this off, software developers need to develop the games in such a way that enables players to use the platform without it slowing down their device or taking up a huge amount of storage space or memory. On top of this, they will often develop their own in-house user interfaces to ensure the best possible UX (User Experience). This means ensuring that the layout is simple and that every single game is easy to find, whilst also ensuring that casino games are perfectly adapted for touchscreen use.

It is for these reasons that software developer teams for mobile casinos are often considerably larger than for standard mobile games, as a much greater amount of effort must go into ensuring such a huge game with so many possibilities is able to run smoothly on an average smartphone.

They also need to ensure that these interfaces work equally well on both Android and iOS, as online casinos very rarely operate on just one operating system, unlike some other mobile games.

Innovative Graphics Software

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The developers of many mobile games are perfectly content with using simplistic, 2D graphics that can be developed quickly and cheaply. This is rarely the case with mobile casino games. Developers understand that a central attraction of online casino gaming is how immersive it is, and part of that is due to the intense competition in the sector.

A typical player expects their online casino experience to look and feel as if they were stood inside a land-based casino, which means that software developers need to go the extra mile to provide cutting-edge graphics whilst not compromising on speed and efficiency. Leading mobile casino games may use game engines such as Unreal or Unity, which is also powers popular mobile games such Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5 by, which have similarly been praised for their cutting-edge graphics that closely resemble console games.

Offering a wide range of games whilst ensuring consistently high-quality graphics is something that few other mobile game developers are doing at the moment, which is why mobile casinos are the most innovative.

Innovative Payment & Security Software


Lots of mobile games deal with cash payments, usually in the form of providing players with an option to purchase in-game extras to help them advance, ie. micropayments. Mobile casinos do much more; they are equipped to allow players to seamlessly bet money on games and, of course, to win real money in the form of jackpots and prizes.

Since the amount of money is much more significant than in normal mobile games, with cash payouts often being six figures or higher, the security software requirements are much greater. For payments, mobile casino apps will often partner with trusted platforms such as or Transferwise to guarantee safe transfers of cash, but that's not the whole story.

The development teams tend to beef up the security of the app through innovative encryption tactics and in-house authentication software. When the amounts of money involved are high, it's no surprise that software developers are taking no chances.

Other mobile games could learn a lot from the top mobile casino providers. Casinos are forced to innovate to a higher degree not only because of the requirements of the game but also because players are discerning and expect only the best.


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