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10 best iPhone games for 2022

Here are the best iOS games that managed to gross more than others. Below are the titles that are the best not only by their revenues but the ability to retain players as well.


While iOS remains the second most popular mobile operating system, Apple’s mobile devices also stay the second most popular mobile device manufacturer worldwide! Due to this, game developers do their best to impress owners of Apple’s gadgets via both App Store and the exclusive Apple Arcade. Let’s take a look at the best games on the App Store in 2022.

Top 10 Games For iPhone

Here are the best iOS games that managed to gross more than others. Below are the titles that are the best not only by their revenues but the novelty and ability to retain players as well.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

altos odyssey game

This sequel of the 2015 Alto’s Adventure managed to retain the breathtaking experience of the original title and combined it with a bunch of new features and even more picturesque locations. It’s still incredibly relaxing, satisfying, and immersive.

2. Among Us

Perhaps Among Us is a title that sounds overhyped for you, but mobile market experts from Asolytics and other authoritative sources keep calling it one of the best games of 2020-2022. The thing is that this game managed to survive 2 years of total obscurity to shine brighter than any other game when the pandemic started.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

call of duty mobile game

CoD Mobile remains one of the most popular games on iPhone no matter what! After the removal of Fortnite, it became the largest rival of PUBG. However, PUBG can’t offer the same level of battle realism and visual quality as CoD with all its attention to detail and an impressive variety of modes.

4. Dead Cells

It’s not the first time when top games for iPhones come from consoles and PC, but Dead Cells is definitely one of the most successful ports this year. Developers managed to translate the gameplay into the mobile language without sacrificing the original platforming drive of the title.

5. Downwell

Downwell is 2022’s best game on Apple in the retro-style genre. Although the entire gameplay is like Doodle Jump in reverse and there are only 3 colors, the game feels unique and doesn’t let you stop until you beat all the enemies. Jump down the well full of dangerous creatures and try to survive for as long as you can!

6. Genshin Impact

genshin impact game

This title became one of the top rated games on iPhone faster than any of its competitors. All because it doesn’t have any alternatives! GI is a full-fledged console-level experience that has all the best features of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a unique fantasy setting inspired by the anime culture.

7. Grindstone

This one’s a new jewel of Apple Arcade! Grindstone reinvents the matching puzzle genre and turns it into something worth a Netflix cartoon series. This game is way ahead of all its numerous free-to-play predecessors like Candy Crush and makes the Arcade subscription much worthier.

8. Hitman Go

What are the best games for iPhone in the stealth-action genre? It’s definitely the mobile adaptation of Hitman! It’s just incredible how developers turned the classic Agent 47 experience into a smartphone-friendly format without missing the original mechanics and atmosphere.

9. Inside

Hopefully, you’ve already played the dark 2010 Limbo platformer. If you have, the new game of the studio will be even more exciting for you. This 2.5D puzzle-platformer brings all the best of Limbo’s elements into the new world that is much more detailed, voluminous, and alarmingly realistic.

10. Lumino City

lumino city game

Finally, our top 10 game for iOS is Lumino City, an emotional successor of Machinarium that brings you to a fable world full of unique puzzles. The game stands out due to its shockingly immersive visuals, memorable soundtrack, and, most importantly, the atmosphere of total calmness.


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