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LG webOS 1.0

Tablets, smartphones and phones with LG webOS 1.0. All about the version LG webOS 1.0 operating system for mobile devices

LG webOS

LG Open webOS or LG webOS is the next generation of web-centric platforms built to run on a wide range of form factors. The Open webOS Project is a key part of the ecosystem of our company, along with the webOS cloud services product offerings and the Enyo Open Source Project.

Enterprise / Developer:LG
Version:LG webOS 1.0
Version Release Date:July, 2013
App Store:
Number of applications:50
OS Kernel:Linux
Version information:
- Card view
- Seamless multitasking
- Unobtrusive notifications
- Updated web browser
- Email, calendar and contacts
- Clocks and memos
Tablets and Smartphones with LG webOS 1.0 OS
lg watch urbane
LG Watch Urbane LTE
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