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iOS 5.1.1

Tablets, smartphones and phones with iOS 5.1.1. All about the version iOS 5.1.1 operating system for mobile devices

Enterprise / Developer: Apple
Version: iOS 5.1.1
Version Release Date: May, 2012
App Store: App Store
Number of applications: 2100000
OS Kernel: Mach
Version information:
Tablets and Smartphones with iOS 5.1.1 OS
iPad 3G 16GB
Apple iPad 3G 16GB
iPad 3G 32GB
Apple iPad 3G 32GB
iPad 3G 64GB
Apple iPad 3G 64GB
iPad WiFi 16GB
Apple iPad WiFi 16GB
iPad WiFi 32GB
Apple iPad WiFi 32GB
iPad WiFi 64GB
Apple iPad WiFi 64GB
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