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Bada 2.0

Tablets, smartphones and phones with Bada 2.0. All about the version Bada 2.0 operating system for mobile devices

Enterprise / Developer:Samsung
App Store:Samsung Apps
Number of applications:~ 3.000
OS Kernel:
Version:Bada 2.0
Version release date:Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tablets and smartphones with Bada 2.0 OS

samsung wave m
Samsung Wave M GT-S7250
samsung wave y
Samsung Wave Y GT-S5380
samsung wave 3
Samsung Wave 3 GT-S8600
samsung wave 578
Samsung Wave 578 GT-S5780
samsung wave ii
Samsung Wave II GT-S8530
samsung wave 575
Samsung Wave 575 GT-S5750
samsung wave 525
Samsung Wave 525 GT-S5250
samsung wave 533
Samsung Wave 533 GT-S5330
samsung wave 723
Samsung Wave 723 GT-S7230
samsung wave
Samsung Wave GT-S8500
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