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Blu Phones and Smartphones

See full Blu phones specifications, smartphones and Blu tablets specifications.

Advance 4.0 M (Latin)
Blu Advance 4.0 M (Latin)
Advance 4.0 M (US)
Blu Advance 4.0 M (US)
Vivo 6
Blu Vivo 6
Pure XR 4G LTE
Blu Pure XR 4G LTE
Grand 5.5 HD G030L
Blu Grand 5.5 HD G030L
Grand 5.5 HD G030U
Blu Grand 5.5 HD G030U
Advance 4.0 L2 A030L
Blu Advance 4.0 L2 A030L
Advance 4.0 L2 A030U
Blu Advance 4.0 L2 A030U
Dash X Plus 4G LTE
Blu Dash X Plus 4G LTE
Vivo 5
Blu Vivo 5
Vivo XL
Blu Vivo XL
Advance 5.0 D030L
Blu Advance 5.0 D030L
Advance 5.0 D030U
Blu Advance 5.0 D030U
Dash X 4G LTE
Blu Dash X 4G LTE
Dash M D030L
Blu Dash M D030L
Dash M D030U
Blu Dash M D030U
Dash X 3G D010L
Blu Dash X 3G D010L
Dash X 3G D010U
Blu Dash X 3G D010U
Dash X Plus 3G D950L
Blu Dash X Plus 3G D950L
Dash X Plus 3G D950U
Blu Dash X Plus 3G D950U
Vivo Air 4G LTE
Blu Vivo Air 4G LTE
Energy X E010Q
Blu Energy X E010Q
Studio Energy 2 S0090UU
Blu Studio Energy 2 S0090UU
Energy X Plus E030L
Blu Energy X Plus E030L
Energy X Plus E030U
Blu Energy X Plus E030U
Vivo Selfie V030L
Blu Vivo Selfie V030L
Vivo Selfie V030U
Blu Vivo Selfie V030U
Advance 4.0 L A010L
Blu Advance 4.0 L A010L
Advance 4.0 L A010U
Blu Advance 4.0 L A010U
Life 8 XL L290L
Blu Life 8 XL L290L
Life 8 XL L290U
Blu Life 8 XL L290U
Win HD 4G LTE X150Q
Blu Win HD 4G LTE X150Q
Win Jr 4G LTE X130Q
Blu Win Jr 4G LTE X130Q
Selfie S470a
Blu Selfie S470a
Selfie S470i
Blu Selfie S470i
Speed 4.7 LTE X120Q
Blu Speed 4.7 LTE X120Q
Life One 2015 16GB
Blu Life One 2015 16GB
Life One 2015 8GB
Blu Life One 2015 8GB
Life One XL
Blu Life One XL
Studio Energy D810L
Blu Studio Energy D810L
Studio Energy D810U
Blu Studio Energy D810U
Studio X D750L
Blu Studio X D750L
Studio X D750U
Blu Studio X D750U
Studio X Plus D770L
Blu Studio X Plus D770L
Studio X Plus D770U
Blu Studio X Plus D770U
Vivo Air 3G D980L
Blu Vivo Air 3G D980L
Studio 5.0 HD LTE
Blu Studio 5.0 HD LTE
Studio 6.0 LTE Dual
Blu Studio 6.0 LTE Dual
Star 4.5 Design Edition S451L
Blu Star 4.5 Design Edition S451L
Star 4.5 Design Edition S451U
Blu Star 4.5 Design Edition S451U
Studio 7.0 D700a
Blu Studio 7.0 D700a
Studio 7.0 D700i
Blu Studio 7.0 D700i
Studio mini LTE
Blu Studio mini LTE
Sport 4.5 S430L
Blu Sport 4.5 S430L
Sport 4.5 S430U
Blu Sport 4.5 S430U
Star 4.5 S450a
Blu Star 4.5 S450a
Star 4.5 S450i
Blu Star 4.5 S450i
Star 4.5 S450L
Blu Star 4.5 S450L
Star 4.5 S450U
Blu Star 4.5 S450U
Win HD W510L
Blu Win HD W510L
Win HD W510U
Blu Win HD W510U
Win Jr W410a
Blu Win Jr W410a
Win Jr W410i
Blu Win Jr W410i
Studio 5.0 CE D536
Blu Studio 5.0 CE D536
Studio C mini D670
Blu Studio C mini D670
Life Play 2 L170a
Blu Life Play 2 L170a
Life Play 2 L170i
Blu Life Play 2 L170i
Studio 5.0 C HD D534L
Blu Studio 5.0 C HD D534L
Studio 5.0 C HD D534U
Blu Studio 5.0 C HD D534U
Studio 5.0 K D530K
Blu Studio 5.0 K D530K
Life Pure XL L259 16GB
Blu Life Pure XL L259 16GB
Life Pure XL L260 32GB
Blu Life Pure XL L260 32GB
Life 8 L280a
Blu Life 8 L280a
Life 8 L280i
Blu Life 8 L280i
Neo 4.5 S330L
Blu Neo 4.5 S330L
Neo 4.5 S330U
Blu Neo 4.5 S330U
Studio 5.0 LTE
Blu Studio 5.0 LTE
Vivo IV D970L
Blu Vivo IV D970L
Studio 6.0 HD D650a
Blu Studio 6.0 HD D650a
Studio 6.0 HD D650i
Blu Studio 6.0 HD D650i
Advance 4.5 A310a
Blu Advance 4.5 A310a
Advance 4.5 A310i
Blu Advance 4.5 A310i
Life Pure mini L220a
Blu Life Pure mini L220a
Life Pure mini L220i
Blu Life Pure mini L220i
Studio 5.0 S II D572 Dual
Blu Studio 5.0 S II D572 Dual
Studio 5.5 S D630L
Blu Studio 5.5 S D630L
Studio 5.5 S D630U
Blu Studio 5.5 S D630U
Life One M L131L
Blu Life One M L131L
Life One M L131U
Blu Life One M L131U
Life One X 16GB
Blu Life One X 16GB
Life One X 32GB
Blu Life One X 32GB
Life Play S L150L
Blu Life Play S L150L
Life Play S L150U
Blu Life Play S L150U
Life Play X L102a
Blu Life Play X L102a
Life Play X L102i
Blu Life Play X L102i
Life View Tab L800L
Blu Life View Tab L800L
Life View Tab L800U
Blu Life View Tab L800U
Vivo 4.8 HD D940a
Blu Vivo 4.8 HD D940a
Vivo 4.8 HD D940i
Blu Vivo 4.8 HD D940i
Advance 4.0 A270a
Blu Advance 4.0 A270a
Life Pure L240a
Blu Life Pure L240a
Life Pure L240i
Blu Life Pure L240i
Life Pro L210a
Blu Life Pro L210a
Life Pro L210i
Blu Life Pro L210i
Studio 5.5 D600
Blu Studio 5.5 D600
Studio 5.5 D610 Dual
Blu Studio 5.5 D610 Dual
Dash 4.0 D271 Dual
Blu Dash 4.0 D271 Dual
Dash 5.0 D400
Blu Dash 5.0 D400
Dash 5.0 D410 Dual
Blu Dash 5.0 D410 Dual
Dash 4.5 D300
Blu Dash 4.5 D300
Dash 4.5 D310 Dual
Blu Dash 4.5 D310 Dual
Amour D290a
Blu Amour D290a
Amour D290i
Blu Amour D290i
Studio 5.0 D520 Dual
Blu Studio 5.0 D520 Dual
Studio 5.0 D530
Blu Studio 5.0 D530
Studio 5.0 S D560 Dual
Blu Studio 5.0 S D560 Dual
Studio 5.0 S D570
Blu Studio 5.0 S D570
Studio 5.3 S D580
Blu Studio 5.3 S D580
Studio 5.3 S D590 Dual
Blu Studio 5.3 S D590 Dual
Life One L120
Blu Life One L120
Life Play L100a
Blu Life Play L100a
Life Play L100i
Blu Life Play L100i
Life View L110
Blu Life View L110
Quattro 4.5 D440
Blu Quattro 4.5 D440
Quattro 4.5 HD D450
Blu Quattro 4.5 HD D450
Quattro 5.7 HD D460
Blu Quattro 5.7 HD D460
Studio 5.3 II D540
Blu Studio 5.3 II D540
Studio 5.3 II D550 Dual
Blu Studio 5.3 II D550 Dual
Tank 4.5 W100
Blu Tank 4.5 W100
Tank 4.5 W110 Dual
Blu Tank 4.5 W110 Dual
Vivo 4.65 HD D920
Blu Vivo 4.65 HD D920
Vivo 4.65 HD D930 Dual
Blu Vivo 4.65 HD D930 Dual
Dash 4.0 D260
Blu Dash 4.0 D260
Dash 4.0 D270 Dual
Blu Dash 4.0 D270 Dual
Dash 3.5 D160
Blu Dash 3.5 D160
Dash 3.5 D170 Dual
Blu Dash 3.5 D170 Dual
Vivo 4.3 D910a
Blu Vivo 4.3 D910a
Vivo 4.3 D910i
Blu Vivo 4.3 D910i
Elite 3.8 D430a
Blu Elite 3.8 D430a
Elite 3.8 D430b
Blu Elite 3.8 D430b
Studio 5.3 D500
Blu Studio 5.3 D500
Studio 5.3 D510 Dual
Blu Studio 5.3 D510 Dual
Hero S180
Blu Hero S180
Hero S190 Dual
Blu Hero S190 Dual
Spark S120
Blu Spark S120
Spark S130 Dual
Blu Spark S130 Dual
Tattoo Mini Q180
Blu Tattoo Mini Q180
Tattoo Mini Q190 Dual
Blu Tattoo Mini Q190 Dual
Tattoo Mini TV Q190T
Blu Tattoo Mini TV Q190T
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